Using the Latest Scientific Breakthroughs...

With almost 30 years of experience in the field of hypnosis, psychologist Dr. Gordon Goodman has created a series of ultra-short media blasts called "HypnoCasts" that you can access at any time. These blasts contain visual and audio content aimed at a variety of areas. Pick the HypnoCast® that's right for you and self-administer the HypnoCast® on any portable media player.



Using ultra-short video that can be stored on the Cloud or on your mobile device. You can give yourself innocuations designed to seek out and remove defective beliefs, while installing new ones. All on your mobile device any time of the day or night. takes only a minute or two!

We daydream almost 2000 times a day. They vary in length. Sometimes they can last only seconds. Each HypnoCast® uses this human tendency to your advantage.

In the field of psychology, we refer to ideas and beliefs as "meta-cognitions", thoughts about thoughts. Some meta-cognitions simply do not work, and make your life difficult. Other meta-cognitions put you in sync with the world around you, essentially curing you of behaviors that have been holding you back. Our beliefs about the world dictate the way we act.

Each HypnoCast™ is designed to make you your own detective, hunting down thoughts and beliefs that you may have acquired as a child, but don't work in a grown-up world. In addition, a HypnoCast® adds new meta-cognitions that help you move toward the behavior that will change your way of life. And the best thing is that while they are going through their testing phase, each HypnoCast only costs $2.99!



Although they are short, you must avoid viewing or listening to a HypnoCast® while driving or operating machinery.


The HypnoCast® downloads are currently being produced.


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